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Get Involved/ Be A Giver


If you represent a company/individual who can donate toiletries or something as simple as your time we will be so grateful.


"We are changing the face of Earth one female at a time". We are fighting against poverty and homelessness and you can help us too! Pass the word on to your family and friends about what we do and so far that's the #1 best way to get involved!


If you're looking to support a cause but you're not sure about what we do, you're so welcome to attend any upcoming event that Afri(K)que has planned. We work with companies like Open Pantry, Christina's House, Ohana School of Performing Arts and present our artworks at events organized by the Baystate Wing Auxiliary, the St. Cecilia's Women Club, schools, churches and other well-known nonprofits. We hope to catch you there. It's our pleasure to share our works with you!


Join a worthy cause without breaking the bank by empowering women and girls who are socially and economically disadvantaged. This year, we're starting a campaign to raise funds for a charity group trip to Togo.

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We're looking for people to make a pledge towards our nonprofit and donate to make this trip a reality!

Our volunteer models will be glad to showcase your company's brands at our Fashion Shows. If you would like to be part of making a change in the world send us a message at or go to our Contact Us page. Afri(K)que is looking for event sponsors for our 2024 International Women's Day Celebration on March 30th. Excellent way to promote your products and business name!


On behalf of all the women and girls we serve, we thank you! Blessings to you and your family!

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