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Afri(K)que stands for

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In girls and women on a

Quest to be

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It is important to understand how Afri(K)que was founded. After traveling in Africa, Europe and in the United States; observing how poverty was affecting several girls and women in their communities, the idea of Afri(K)que was born. Many of these women know how to sew, paint, weave traditional fans and make handmade jewelry but they still can't afford a decent meal.The idea of supporting women and girls in the communities where we work through artwork starts to make sense.

At this present time, we are supporting three women in Togo (West Africa) who have talents sewing batik, bazin and kente clothing. The fourth woman makes handbags out of African cloth.

We are also giving hope to local women and girls in Massachusetts who are experiencing homelessness and hunger through donations of all kinds . We have given handmade jewelry, toiletries, clothing, shoe and monetary donations to females in need. This always includes their families. In order to make a powerful impact in the US, we offer African jewelry and dance/drum workshops at different locations. This serves as a means of empowerment to people who have so little! Our hope is to reach out to more people and geographical areas by 2025!

All these factors help our beneficiaries build security, confidence, self-sufficiency, independence hope and self-esteem.These characters are important in the social well being of a woman.

We can't do this work alone! That's the reason why we're always looking to collaborate with other organizations. In fact, it's crucial to share our philosophy and our mission with all of you!

Afri(K)que's philosophy is to work with women and girls locally and internationally by presenting their pieces of art to the world therefore fighting against hunger and poverty which affects many children. Our priority is to work with socially and economically disadvantaged women artists and be their voice.

Afri(K)que's mission is to fight against poverty in the world, one woman at a time. We also make handcrafted jewelry here in the United States using natural materials found on the African soil. Buying our eco-friendly products,attending our events and collaborating with us benefits communities in Africa and in the United States. We're a recognized non-profit organization.

Djonous (African trade beads) , paintings, scarves, traditional fans, handmade clothing, wooden animals, musical instruments are just a few items that we can "Wow" you with.

Please check out our Products page for examples of our handmade and eco-friendly products.

Supporting a woman is supporting a whole community! Thanks for supporting Afri(K)que.

We could be reached at (413)386-7563 or send us an e-mail at

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