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Blog with Purpose

Hello my Fashion friends!

While I'm sitting here at my house on a Black Friday enjoying time with my family,guess what came to my mind? I'm getting inspired to write another blog. That's good right? Just in time for the season of giving. I'm sharing with you where I got my inspiration from.  M. Elaine Fowser: " I want to be God's helper As I travel on life's way. I want to leave a heart print That will touch someone today."

This is very interesting because we all have a purpose in life. Some people find theirs early in life and others find it later on. My question to you today is have you found your purpose? Everyday we wake up, we go to our jobs, we have routines, we do certain things repeatedly but the bottom line is: have you found your purpose on Earth? I'm glad to say with a smile every day that I've found my purpose. I'm here to help others. Specifically, I'm here to help other people who can't help themselves. I'm sure by now you've heard of women who have talents but because of poverty still can't afford a decent meal.What about females who are artists but at the same time socially and economically disadvantaged? That's why my work is so crucial. Meeting women with these kind of backgrounds in my travels has made me a strong person. More compassionate and more aware. We have to count our blessings every day.At Afri(K)que we're raising awareness against poverty and homelessness in females. We're giving back in Togo, West Africa and in the United States starting with the Greater Springfield area. If you've never heard of artwork empowering women then you haven't seen what we do in our communities yet! All our artworks are made by hand and every dollar is being invested into changing more lives. If you're here reading this blog today, guess what? You're changing lives as well because the #1 way to support us is to pass the word on about what we're doing. Please keep the chain of happiness going. In conclusion, I'll like to end my November blog with this saying: "What is a smile, I ask myself- Is it just an expression or something else? A smile can make someone's day, A smile can help ease troubles away. When you have one smile, another will usually follow: It is an effect, that chases all problems and all sorrows: So why not smile and show your happiness, For when you smile, you truly are at your best." Thomas Casalenuovo, Jr.

As usual, thanks for reading the Afri(K)que blog and enjoy the holiday seasons with family and friends! We can use fashion (handmade clothing, scarves, jewelry,etc) to fight poverty. Don't forget to support your local business when you can!

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