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Welcome to 2021- Life after the pandemic

Updated: Jan 8

Greetings my fashion friends!

What a great day to come back and share what’s been going on. As you know since March our lives have changed. People are working virtually and all different kinds of meetings are happening online. Events, concerts and gatherings haven’t been taking place in the communities where we live. Birthdays are becoming drive-through celebrations and other events have also been similar. Streets have been empty, malls have been quiet and people are looking sad. Everything is being canceled but one thing that remains is HOPE. Do you agree?

Hope will not be cancelled, kindness will not be cancelled and giving will not be cancelled. People keep saying how can I help someone if I’m myself hurting or going through hardship? You’ll be surprised to find out that you can still help at a time like this.

Do you know that there’s more than material things that can be given to a person? When you reach out to see how one of your friends have been, when you give advice to a co-worker, when you send well wishes to somebody you haven’t seen in years, all of these things are good acts. You just gave these people hope, confidence and a reason to exist.

In a society where money is so important, this pandemic has shown us that there are other things that are more valuable. Like spending time with your significant other, your children, a relative or even a stranger. We are all aware that many people are hurting, yes people have lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost a marriage and so much more. Teenagers are hurting from not being able to socialize with their peers, there aren’t any parties or big gatherings going on, where can they go to share ideas and stories with each other? Children who were going to school to eat and feel secure now are in households with abusive people who they can’t even report because they live with these people 24/7. Educators who used to teach face-to-face have now become familiar with Zoom and break-out rooms where the most important goal is to keep kids engaged and on screen for long periods of time. Churches are now at 20% capacity and if you choose to attend you better be able to wear a mask for an hour or more of the time you’re there.

They call this the “new normal” but in reality will this ever be normal again? We have the right to be worried, stressed out, unhappy or pessimistic at times. For some of us, this could even cause depression because this has taken a toll on our mental health. Nobody has been trained to live these times. I can tell you something though. Believe that currently, we have each other. Kindness is still alive, smiles are still being shared, unity still exists, and I guarantee you this too shall pass! So please be safe out there and don't forget to share your thoughts because at least we have each other. We're alive and we're here that means we definitely have a purpose. The Most High has a job for us. Therefore, our job on Earth isn't done yet. 

Shoutout to all of you who are reading this post, you are survivors, you are strong and you have a bright future!

Are you going anywhere special this summer, are you going by car, train or by plane? Keep the comments coming...

Fashionably yours!


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