Afri(K)que Limited - Handmade art empowering females in the USA & Togo,West Africa
Facts by Afri(K)que

Music is very important in the African culture. Whenever there is a special event people dance and sing of joy.

Drums or tambours are the most ancient pieces of  musical instruments that trace back to the beginning of the world. These are handmade using natural resources (skin and wood) usually found in most villages in West Africa.

At Afri(K)que all of our musical instruments, paintings and sculptures are made out of 100% natural materials. African Mahogany, African Teak and Baobab are handcrafted into pieces of art.

 "Owning an Afri(K)que piece is having a one-of-a-kind artifact for life", proudly says the founder and Executive Director. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, this talented young woman has been featured in The Advocate. She is a para-educator and the author of "Artful Hands" in the January 2013 issue. (Read the 2014-2015 Highlights) She has been interviewed by on the topic of" Ask An Entrepreneur" and on M-Pact TV. She's a blogger and public speaker.

Bazin, Batik and Kente cloths are worn at weddings, celebrations and any special events by people of royalty in Africa.  

At Afri(K)que most of our cloths are based on the Batik technique which is commonly known as designs being created on a piece of cloth then waxed and finally using a dyeing strategy to complete this unique piece of art. When you wear our clothing you feel special because the artists behind the scenes only  had one thing in mind: pleasing you! 

Would you like to feel like royalty every day at an affordable price? Then shop for a cause! Shop with Afri(K)que. Don't forget to check our Upcoming Events regularly to see where we'll be in the near future.

Keep in mind all the bracelets, earrings and necklaces that are being created daily using wood, djonous (African trade beads) and other natural materials found on trees or in the soil in Africa. Show these handmade authentic jewelry pieces off at your next party, fashion show or simply at work, you will be sure to stand out!

And again, thanks for helping us empower more women through the arts! Without you we wouldn't be changing so many lives! 


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